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SG Commercial Shophouses
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We specialize in conservation shophouses in District 1, District 2, District 7 and District 8. We are committed to matching ultra high-net worth investors and buyers with these ultra prime rare shophouses assets.

Shophouses are highly valued assets as they are very scarce and limited in supply.

Due to the strategic central location and conservative nature of these shophouses, the potential for both rental and capital appreciation for these rare shophouses is vast and tremendous.

There is huge upside potential, return in investment, rental and capital gain & appreciation, and large amount of profits to be reaped by investing in these scarce heritage shophouses.

SG Commercial Shophouses

Reasons to buy a shophouse instead of a condo/landed for investment:

#1. Many shophouses are in central locations
#2. Many shophouses are protected
#3. Shophouses can hold their value
#4. A lot of space, despite being in built-up areas
#5. Shophouses give presence to a business entity
#6. A conserved shophouse happens to be very rare
#7. A good compromise between a condo and a full-sized bungalow
#8. One-of-a-kind architectural features
#9. Location, location, location
#10 Potential for redevelopment into various uses such as Hotels, Serviced Apartment, Building, etc.
#11. Potential for capital gain and rental gain is much higher
#12. Higher rental yield compared to most condos and landed

#13. No ABSD. No SSD.

#14. Higher loan quantum up to 80%. Lower loan interest rates.

#15. No capital gain tax.

#16. GST can be claimed.

#17. Lower corporate tax rates.

#18. Shophouse are land titles. Potential for A&A/Redevelopment to increase the GFA.

#19. Higher tax relief.

#20. Easier transfer of property ownership.

#21. Corporate tax exemptions and rebates.

#22. Separate legal entity.

#23. Able to carry trade loss and capital allowances forward

#24. Foreigners are eligible.

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